Monthly Archives: July 2011

Exhaust progress

I’ve been noodling around on the exhaust and made a little progress.

Here’s the tip kicking out on the rear pipe:


Here’s the current thinking on the second pipe and tip:


Originally I’d planned to do a radius-ed bend coming up off the pipe with the tip attached, but after doing some rethinking I thought running 2 into 1 into 2 would be kind of cool. It’s sort of a siamese pipe set-up.

Special thanks to my good friend Scott for putting up with my incessant texts, photos and general need for consultation.


Pipe tips

I was planning on running a single fish tail at the rear of the pipe, but I’m a little concerned about all the back pressure. In addition, my mind started drifting away from those and I started to dream up other options.

I’ve always liked the looks to “bugle tipped” exhaust, as well as thick wall tubing. I figured I would try to make what looks like a thick walled flare tip. Here’s my process.

I scavenged the tips from an old set of pipes.



Next I ground it to fit an inner pipe, which matches my current exhaust diameter.


I welded an outer wall to the end of the inner pipe.


Weld, grind, file – here’s the tip. I still need to weld the bottom of the cone to the inner pipe, but you get the idea.


I think it has potential, but I’m not completely sold yet. I’m going to be making a second tip, to see how two-in-a-row look on the main pipe.

Most everything you need to know about files

I’m looking for a new set of files (and instant gratification kicked in) so I hit eBay. One of the results was a small brochure produced by Nicholson regarding the types and usage of files. It looked interesting, but not $20 interesting.

Since the brochure was a free item from Nicholson, surely it’s scanned and online by now. A google later and boom…instant gratification in a pdf. Good reading.

Here’s a sample page:

I’m not missing, I’ve just been filing





Pay off is worth it

Grinding and filing sucks, but it’s worth the effort.


Grind & file

Guess what the worst part of these pipes is…


Redo of pipe clearance

As mentioned below – I had some concerns about the design for clearing the nose cone. I asked on Jockey Journal, and it seems everyone unanimously shares my concern. I really didn’t want to, but I pulled the pipe and worked out a concave indent for a replacement.

Here’s the new pipe followed by the side-by-side comparison of the new and old. Note the smooth, bullet-nosed protrusion into the pipe. Exhaust should flow a lot more smoothly around this than the shirt wall protruding into the pipe on the original.



I would have preferred it to be smoother, but 1) I tacked it down then peened it into shape/place and 2) you can’t really see it anyway. So I guess I’ll just have to let go of that little hang up.