Monthly Archives: August 2011

Seat is done

Well – kind of – just needs a coat of paste wax and it will be done.

I’m happy how it turned out, but I don’t want to make another for a long time.




Waiting on this to dry

I’m getting excited now seeing it start to come together towards a finished product.



Skirting attached to the seat pad

I double stitched it for extra strength. I’ll probably wait to dye until I have it on the seat pan.

Now I just need to figure out how to get it mounted.


Seat skirt started

Here are some pics of the leather being stretched for the skirt on the sides of the seat.




Seat padding start

Here are some random progress pics on the seat upholstery development.

Ready to stamp in some space for the padding:


Stitched and trimmed to size:


Gluing down the outside edges:


Test pattern for seat

Here’s a quick test I did for the diamond stitch upholstery on the seat pan. I’m hoping the final will be a bit taller tufts.

This was using 3/8″ soft foam for the diamonds. I think I’ll move to a higher density foam.


Seat pan

I had been running a West Eagle seat. It was kind of ugly and just sat on the seat rails. Work of all it was really flat so I found myself between the rear of the seat and the fender a lot.

Since I needed a new pan, I’d bent up two seat pans but neither was what I wanted and were a bit flimsy. I bought the one you see below off a guy on the Jockey Journal. It looks like one of Teach’s seat pan, but I’m not sure since I got it second hand. It was dirt cheap (probably because it was made for an extremely narrow ass), was heavy gauge and had a good kickup in the back.

Step one was to weld some wings onto the sides to widen it up a bit. I had it sitting on the frame, but I didn’t like the flat look of the base of the seat. I ended up with one of my time-consuming ideas to put a skirt on it and contour the bottom so it looked better. Also it would hide the hinge and the posts running down to the frame.

Here’s the 1 1/8″ skirt tacked around it. Looks big I’m thinking.


Here’s the profile after some grinding:


I made a paper template and transferred the right-hand profile to the left side:


A bit of grinding later and the pan is mostly done.


Next step – padding & upholstery.