67 Triumph Bonneville for sale

My good friend has shifted priorities and needs to unload his recently completed 1967 Triumph custom.

The motor is a fresh rebuild by BCF cycles, here in Cleveland. This bike is beautiful, the paint and bodywork is outstanding, and it sounds great. Tons of one-off bits.

Clear Ohio title.

It’s currently listed on eBay, but if you want to buy direct outright for $6,900 then get a hold of him at menke (@) pinstripingbymenke.com


1967 Triumph Bonneville Bobber.  Fresh build w/ less than 100 miles.  Completely rebuilt motor by BCF Cycle, a vintage British bike shop in NE Ohio. Boyer ignition w/ battery eliminator and keyed ignition.  Starts on first kick or two. Webco rocker feed and points cover.  Mikuni carbs. Custom stainless steel 2 into 1 exhaust.  Custom oil tank.  Bolt on hardtail.  16″ HD rear wheel mated to Triumph hub.  New firestone double whitewall tire.  21″ spool front wheel w/ Avon Speedmaster tire.  Vintage aftermarket HD twisted springer chrome front end w/ custom stainless rockers.  Rupp minibike bars w/ white grips.   Unique antique car tail lite (glass lense) mounted to plate bracket.  Fluted glass headlight modified to accept halogen bulb. The tank is an old Wassell w/ rib welded on.  Rear fender struts are custom stainless steel, twisted to match front forks.  Not sure what rear fender is actually from. The fender was narrowed 1 inch (1/2 inch on either side of the rib) to better fit the tire.  White diamond pleated spring mounted seat.

New cloth wiring runs through the frame to applicable areas.

House of Kolor two-tone paint in candy rootbeer and blue.  The blue panels have a subtle lace pattern, and are hand pinstriped w/ a white outline buried under the clear coat.


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