Back from the dead!

Sorry for the lack of posts…I guess I become a fairly shitty host in the winter, when my enthusiasm is robbed by the inclimate weather.

I’ve been slowly plugging along. Since last I checked in I’ve replaced the square swingarm with a nice round, juice swingarm. I’ve also acquired a 67-72 juice drum and started cobbling together the bits that make it work. Using a mix of OEM and some US made aftermarket still looks like it’s going to make for a major pain in the ass to get the brake assembly in.

Right now I’m about 1/4″ too long on the assembly between axle plates. My axle also doesn’t want to pass through my hub spacer. I’ll deal with this stuff later.

As far as things that have gone well…here are my new valve covers from Josh at Throwback MC Parts. I saw a pic of these on a shovel somewhere online and tracked down Josh about them last October. They’re finally ready for production and I was lucky enough to get an early set. Some would say these are too pricey, but the quality, machining and finish is absolutely top-notch.

The rear fins are contoured for clearance on a stock frame. I was a bit nervous on the fit:

But once I had them torqued down they fit beautifully…and they look pretty snazzy with the Boyle air filter.

The cam cover is off to put the magneto in. I the cam is now on, but I need to get an indicator to check the camshaft endplay. Here’s the motor as it sits now.


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