Need a better brakelight solution

I had been running a side mount license plate and tail light. Seems kind of standard fare, plus I was always a bit nervous the light wasn’t visible from both sides. I’d been mulling this over, so I decided to get to work on it today. I’ve been looking for some old Guide running lights to convert to dual filament, but it seems like the rest of the world is also looking for them. It seems like the rest of the world also must have deeper pockets than me, because I can’t shell out $300 for two running lights. I did, after all, just blow all my dough on valve covers and a magneto.

I have a nice zeppelin light with what looks like Guide glass, but I only have one.

Until I can track down a mate, I’ll be using these cheap turn signals for brake lights. I started by wrapping some sheet metal to fit the rear ear of my frame.

I cut a side plate for it (forgot to take a pic) then tacked the two together, poked a hole in the bottom and mounted the light. Here’s the current state:

That’s where I left off for the evening. Hopefully I’ll make some additional progress tomorrow.


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